Human Factor's Specialist

"We can not change the human condition, but we can change the condition under which the Humans work"
- Prof. James Reason


We are devoted to offer Human Factor's Solution i variety Industrial fields. We can provide additional HF Service's such as validation & verification, teaching and courses, product development, standardisation, service design etc..


All our control room or control centers design are based on Human Factors perspective and ISO 11064 standard.


Human Machine Interaction (HMI) is another Human Factors field that we can assist you in achieving HMI based on several standards.


The main goal of risk assessment in CR/CCR is to Identify and evaluate risks in working environment, safety, communication, alarms, ergonomics, organization, routines, ergonomics, DCS / Control systems and design layout of CR/CCR.


The alarm system shall be explicitly designed to take account of human factors and limitations. Alarms should be designed so that they are worthy of operator attention.


HF Specialist will help you conduct function analysis in order to identify requirements that needs to be met by humans or machines to achieve the operative goals.


Function and tasks analysis shall be carried out and documented to identify the ergonomic needs such as involvement, analysis and solutions required to achieve the goals.


Project's below are only some of the project's that we have been involved, for more references please contact us.

Control Room Design with HF Report

This project was initiated by BT Trinidad & Tobago to create control rooms for two flagship platforms Mahogany and Amherstia. We where involved in the design process of control room as well as creating Human Factors report based on ISO 11064.

Human Machine Interaction - HMI

HF Specialist has participated in ExxonMobil HMI project for Control Room Design System. Starting from clarification phase to identify the need, analysis to create the requirement, conceptual design phase creating prototypes and detailed design by creating version 1.0 of the system.

Validation & Verification

Validation and verification for Hydrocarbons Command Center at Oyster Creek, Texas designed for maximum operator effectiveness. This was the largest integrated petrochemical manufacturing complex in the Western Hemisphere.

Control Room Design with HF Report

Centralizing several processes to one Center Control Room. This has been one of the big project’s where Human Factors Specialist has participated. All phases of ISO 11064 Design process where applied. Starting with on-site visit to collect necessary data, analysis phase, conceptual design, detailed design with several iteration processes.

Function and Task analysis

Human Factor’s Specialist have been evaluating and identifying the needs of employees and facility regarding the test laboratories. The SCOPE of work for this project persists on identifying advantages and disadvantages of different rig and control room solutions.

CR/CCR Risk Assessment

Risk identification and risk assessment of centralizing a several control rooms to one control centers. The focus has remained to identifying and evaluate risks in working environment / safety, communication / information / alarms, ergonomics, organization / routines, ergonomics, DCS / Control systems and design layout of new center control room.